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On Friday, 14 June 2019 our team organised and hosted an open day for the Emu Point Creche.

The open day provided a number of benefits to the community and it’s residents. We purchased all the food and produce for the day from the local store and the Mulyung Aboriginal Corporation provided local labor to the open day events. The open day also gave the local people an opportunity to showcase its art and share the beautiful country that surrounds Emu Point outstation.

The History

Murin Association Inc. took over the Emu Point Creche in July 2018. The Murin Association board agreed to support the community run Childcare Centre by supporting all aspects of its management. For the Murin board and management this presented an opportunity to provide the community with employed and training and more importantly provide support to Mulyung Aboriginal Corp to take over the management of the Creche in the coming years through good business mentoring and other support as needed.

Memories from the day

The day commenced at 10am at Emu Point Creche with a big bacon and eggs breakfast followed by a number activities with kids: Face painting, football clinics with the famous Cyril Rioli, making Friendship bands, pass the Parcel and Balloon and much more.

After hearty sausage sizzle lunch and a rest the kids and family members went for the tour and swim at the local water fall. Following the rest and swim the men commenced to prepare dinner for the community the ladies made damper and men cooked pig beef and vegetables in an underground fire pit oven. The meal was amazing and a wonderful day was had by all.


Emu Point Creche Open Day – Photo by Tahlia Lowe – Cyril Rioli was a hit with the kids.


Emu Point Creche Open Day – Photo by Murin Staff – Chris preparing dinner.


A great day to boost community morale and engagement

Overall the open day was a success and it was a pleasure being a part of this and making the day one to remember for the community. We have nothing but positive feedback from the event which we are pleased to hear.

The staff, locals and kids enjoyed their day which covered many activities and food. Credit goes to the Murin staff for putting together such an enjoyable day with lots to do and see. Big thanks to the locals for helping out when needed and showing their home to us.


Emu Point Creche Open Day – Photo by Tahlia Lowe – Kids enjoying their face paintings.


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