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On Tuesday, 8 June 2021 Murin held a grand opening ceremony for our new bus service at the Murin Wadeye Airport Terminal.

The grand opening ceremony provided a number of benefits to the community and it’s residents. All food and produce for the day was purchased by Murin from other local NT businesses, and was prepped by our very own staff. The grand opening ceremony also gave the local people of Wadeye an opportunity to showcase their incredible culture, bringing the community together.

The History

After over 30 years of providing air services to Wadeye and it’s surrounding communities, Murin thought it was time to expand beyond. Creating a more economical and accessible form of transportation to the Daly region, we hope to provide ease of access to it’s members.

Memories from the day

The ceremony commenced at 10am at our Wadeye Terminal where many special thanks and speeches took place as an introduction to the day. We all later enjoyed a big barbeque of steak sandwiches and sausage sizzles, all to which was prepped and provided by our staff, along with cold water, soft drinks, and popper juices. The kids especially enjoyed all the little goodies that were given out later in the day!

Following, members of the community then performed a ceremonial blessing to the bus, and traditional cultural dances and song were presented by each of the men and women.

As a tribute to the late local community elder, Elvis, our new service was presented in his honor and the day was in dedication to him.


Murin Bus Service Grand Opening Ceremony – Photo by Tauri Minogue – Murin staff preparing lunch.


Murin Bus Service Grand Opening Ceremony – Photo by Tauri Minogue – Men of Wadeye performing traditional dance.


Murin Bus Service Grand Opening – Photo by Tauri Minogue – Canvas portrait of the late Elvis with the new bus.


A great day to boost community morale and engagement

The day was an overall success due to it’s incredible turnout and Murin would like to sincerely thank each of our staff for all of their efforts as well as the local community members who came down to show their support and provide a helping hand to make this day as special as it was. We are extremally proud of this decision of creating a new bus service and we’re happy to hear that the local community members were just as excited as us.


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Photo credit: Tauri Minogue Photography